Artists of age group 10-20 (Youngsters group) 21-40 (Veterans group)
Indian Classical Dance Youngster Elders
Indian Music/Signing Youngster Elders
Selection Process

TERMS AND CONDITIONS: Read the terms and conditions carefully.

  • Participation is free, no fees is chargeable.
  • Only genuine participants with their real names can participate. No participant with an assumed name or nickname can participate by concealing his identity and age.
  • Only original work of performance to be uploaded, no copied, pirated performance is allowed.
  • Only Indian classical dancing and light music performances to be submitted. No remix or filmy songs under any circumstances.
  • The participants after the audition round may be asked to submit other videos for subsequent rounds within the time prescribed. If they do not submit the video as required, they would be disqualified.
  • The opinion and reason given by the panel of judges shall be final which can not be questioned in any manner.
  • The event can be canceled by the organizing committee without assigning any reasons.
  • The selected video shall be displayed at various platforms at the choice of the organization committee and the artist will not make any claim regarding the same in any manner.
  • The participating artist may be asked to come online on his cost during the event for live interaction with the judges or for performing.
  • No honorarium or remuneration or expenses is to be paid by the organizing committee to the participants.
  • The organizing committee shall not be responsible for any damage to the video in the process of uploading or thereafter due to any technical reasons.
  • The particulars filled by the participants should be true and the candidature is liable to be canceled at any stage if any misrepresentation is found or any terms violated.
  • The candidature of the participant shall be subject to the rules and regulations to be determined by the organizing committee whose decision shall be final in all respects.
  • Winners will be given a chance of live performance at Delhi in any auditorium after the lockdown is lifted.
  • The jurisdiction of any / all disputes shall be Delhi only.

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No other format is acceptable hence the artist may ensure the quality before uploading as the video would not be considered at all.
I agree to all the terms and conditions of the event. All information furnished by me is correct. My candidature may be canceled if found incorrect.

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